Holiday Events (Christmas, Hanukah, New Year)
Set your event apart from the typical holiday party. The sound of the Celtic Harp provides a soft backdrop. It allows you to carry on a conversation with your friends in a festive and sophisticated atmosphere. From traditional holiday music to less well-known pieces, music from the Celtic Harp wraps the mood of the season around your guests.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs
For those treasured moments, you deserve the best. The beguiling tones of the Celtic Harp turn even the simplest gathering into an occasion to remember. Old and young alike are delighted with the understated approach that brings unexpected pleasure to your party and makes every moment special.

Other Holidays & Events
Imagine soft, romantic music for Valentine’s Day; the authentic sound of the Celtic Harp to make St. Patrick’s Day more Irish; or a heartfelt way to honor your mother on Mother’s Day. For these and other holidays, there’s harp music to match. The beauty of the harp leaves a lasting impression.